Requirements for Sending
Pictures on Disk or by Email for Printing:

(Copy and paste our email address to use your email software, or click this link:)

NOTE: Digital files submitted to us by email attachment must be accompanied by the name, street address and telephone number of the sender, or the files will be deleted.

If you are emailing a picture file, please send it as a maximum quality JPEG. Images must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi, and be sized to the layout you are ordering.
If you are sending us a complete layout, with text and borders etc., please send the layout as a maximum quality JPEG or in Quark, along with the linked picture as a JPEG. Include in the e-mail your name and phone number, and we will contact you for the layout, typestyle and payment.

We work in Macintosh, so we prefer to receive files formatted for Macintosh.
Print out images (lasers preferred) so our press operators will have a
comparison to check the press run.
When saving a job in Photoshop, please do NOT check the LZW Compression option.
When sending documents to be printed by 4-color processing, you
will need to change all of the Photoshop tiffs from RGB to
CMYK mode (or GRAYSCALE if it's black & white), before
you place them in the document. After this is done, it would be a
good time to make a color proof,
because changing modes will alter the color slightly.
Also, do not place TIFFs in boxes with a fill of NONE (transparent);
they will not print well. They will have jagged little edges.
They can only be saved and placed as TIFFs if the art box has some
sort of fill. A fill of 0% black or 100% white will work fine. If
you need a transparent background, then make a path in
Photoshop & save as an EPS, or create art in Illustrator.
Blends must not exceed 255 steps in Illus., and if in Quark,
build it in Photoshop for truer colors.
Place item as a picture rather than using Quark's linear blend.
Please do NOT use text boxes for solid color art boxes...
it causes delays by asking for fonts that aren't needed and usually
not supplied, since there is no type. Use picture boxes.
Copy to disk or email all fonts, art & photos used within job documents.
We accept CDs, and ZIP disks. They will be returned.
We hope this information helps with future projects.

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